Zyngalu: Coins
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Digital Currency

Coins are just digital currency. And to most people they are an investment. A risky investment at that. I was lucky enough to buy a few bitcoins coins when they were only $10 each. As soon as the pump and dump Media focused on Bitcoin in 2017 I sold them. Like most everyone else I had no idea they would increase in value. All I wanted was method of paying people around the net to interact with my wesite. Bitcoin was up to this but still too difficult for most people as it still is.

I then changed to IOTA where I am today. I really have no idea why I chose IOTA except it seemed different enough from bitcoin to be worth a risk. IOTA is almost impossible for me to use. However I am on record for paying to have a MySql injection bug found using IOTA as payment. But once again I have n o faith in IOTA and will sell them to get some of my (investment...lol) money back. As I hope a better more usable coin arrives.

To see how many coins there are to choose from visit CoinMarketCap . Just try and pick a coin that is going to be the next big thing. It is there, but which one. Your bet is as good as mine.

Libra Coin

What I want from a coin is usabilty and ubiquity. My present hope for this is the Libra Coin which is sponsored by facebook. All I want is to be able to pay people for coding servives and to receive money from other. As well as any other use I may find. But mostly I want is a digital currency to support my digital services.

How I would use Coins

Luke Smith knows his stuff. Luke Smith knows Torrents. I need to use Torrents. I would like pay Luke Smith to help me. If I have Libra and he accepts Libra, well, we are in business. It's That simple. And that's what I am hoping Libra will give me.